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U.S. Press Release Distribution Plans & Pricings

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– Get featured on Google news
– Reach journalist’s news desk
– Get published on over 100 news sites of
   newspapers, magazines, radio and
   television stations
– Attain viral distribution over social media 
– Get indexed on major search engines

U.S. National


– Get featured on Google news.
– Get published on 150 news sites of
    newspapers, magazines, radio and
    television stations
– Attain viral distribution over social media
– Get indexed on major search engines

U.S. National Plus


Get published and syndicated to financial newswires, news databases, terminals, print, broadcast and online media:
– AP, Bloomberg, Benzinga
– Dow Jones, Google News, MarketWatch
– OTC Market, Nasdaq
– Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News
– Up to 200 news sites 

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– Compile and submit clipping reports

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